Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Today we recall that generosity of God and the wonders it achieves when it is reflected in our own generosity. Mary reflected God's generosity in her unconditional surrender to His will. Her acceptance enabled God to enter our human experience by becoming man. God assumes the flesh of Adam to restore to Adam the Divine life he renounced because of sin. By becoming man, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, has offered to us the fullness of revelation. God has now revealed himself completely and invites to join in his own life by our Christian living, following in the footsteps of Christ. This is a day in which we thank God for his absolute and total love and we also thank Mary for her generosity. May we reflect her generosity in our life so that we can enter into the glorious divine life which is what God wants for us.
Today Mass was celebrated on the Walsingham Altar and tonight we shall have another Mass of the day after keeping the devotions of the Stations of the Cross. Our intention today is the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. However, we pray to for the shrine of Nazareth in which the event took place and also for the Shrine in Loreto which, like Walsingham, has its Holy House. In fact the one in Loreto (picture above) is the same building that stood in front of the cave of the annunciation in Nazareth but was brought to Italy for safe keeping when Christians lost possesion of the Holy Land.
Below is a picture of the Holy House in Walsingham. Our prayers are offered for Bishop Urwin as he starts his ministry there.

This week was full of activity especially by preparing books for Holy Week, sermons, lessons and in offering spiritual direction. My prayers are that people will respond for the Holy Week invitation so that the week above all other weeks may be for them a moment of grace and blessing.

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