Saturday, 25 April 2009

Of being too busy

Between the many different meetings I had this week and the usual rounds of liturgical and pastoral activities, I have left the blog fall by the wayside. I also have fallen victim to the thought that there was nothing to report about. And that in itself gives me something important to write about.
I think I have allowed the “busyness” of the week and the energy taken out from me by meetings and their aftermath to lead me in a state where I did not allow myself to see the light of God’s grace shining through even those thick and dark clouds of being too busy. Time spent yesterday in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament has penetrated those clouds and although all the issues discussed and work planned are still there, they can now be seen in a different light, the light that comes from stepping back and allowing God to take charge.
In fact, this week had a more than usual moments of grace. The liturgical days of Anselm and George, visits to the Nursing Home and the hospital, meeting with various people, looking ahead, correspondence, the 83rd birthday celebration of our Fr Dawson all now seem as gifts from a loving father rather then “things” that need to be done. There is quite a lot to write about as every meeting and moment provided a meeting with Christ himself, but I was too busy to notice it at the time.
Why do I write this? Because I need to tell myself and share with you what we already know – the importance of prayer, of stepping back and throwing oneself in front of the Blessed Sacrament where our kind Lord will lead us to still waters. I need to remind myself and you about what Pius XII called the heresy of the apostolate or the sin of being too busy to see the One whom we really serve and meet.
With these thoughts, I look forward to tomorrow’s liturgy, where we shall come face to face with the Risen Lord offering us the peace that comes from the depths of his most sacred heart.

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