Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Off to London today for the SSC regional Synod in Holborn. It is very moving and important to join with a large group of brethren as the Master of SSC celebrates the Holy Mysteries. There was time for fellowship and time for discussion. It is really great to belong to this international fraternity of Anglo-Catholic priests and to celebrate our founder Fr Lowder.
After Synod I went to St Paul's bookshop and in Westminster Cathedral. What a wonderful, prayerful atmosphere. The doors are open and no fee has to be paid. Votive lights burn all around the Cathedral, lots of people praying and tourists pick up the sense of sacred as they walk quietly around and whisper when they need to talk. Truly it is House of God and Gate of Heaven!
On our way to London the train was fairly full. Fr Mark and I stood by the doors. As we left the station an American man came to us and offered (insisted really) us to sit in the seats where he and his friend were sitting. We were embarrased but how can one refuse such generosity and respect. It turns out that this man is called George LaMoureaux. His cause and dedication is towards the problem of missing children and so he founded a charity in the States eight years ago called "A child is missing". As soon as his charity is notified by the police that a child is missing, they Geo-Map the area and send a 1000 alert calls a minute to everyone in the area, asking them to look out for this child or anything suspicious. This has been very successful. As part of his raising awarness George and his team climbed the Everest last year. He took with him a crucifix which he proudly showed to Fr Mark and I. All this while he was receiving treatment for Cancer! Now he is here exploring if he can bring his charity and its work to the UK. There is something about George, there is light in his eyes and passion in his words. It was good to meet him, he gave me great encouragement and a reassurance of the good that goes on but we never get to hear of it.
Please keep George and his work in your prayers. Below is his photo on the Everest.

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