Monday, 6 July 2009

Archbishop Jensen said that there are differences between Anglo-Catholics and Conservatives (and his speech made this clear). Encouragingly he said that we are together now and that we need to talk and this is what we are doing. We can talk because we both believe that the Christian Faith is received from God and it is not man made. (Hear, hear!)
However again emphasis on sex and gender, with a short comment on ordination to women in the sense of we disagree but we will talk about it.
The two areas that both sides need to work on is theological formation and Hermenutics. (This is an exciting project)
FCA is a gospel moment when Anglicans come together in a spiritual movement. We gather together round the Gospel. This movement will keep Anglicans together and with integrity.
The meeting now stops for lunch. Why is it that so far all worship is evangelical in style?

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