Thursday, 23 July 2009

St Bridget of Sweden, Mystic, Foundress and Co-Patron of Europe. (1303 – 1373)

In the different stages of her life, that saw her first as wife, mother and educator of her children, then as widow, and, finally, as foundress of a new form of consecrated life, the saint was constantly inspired by the mystery of Christ's passion and death. She never tired of contemplating the face of the Crucified One.
We thank the Lord for giving us this distinguished and holy daughter of Sweden, who was a unique witness to the deep Christian roots of European civilization.
St Bridget spent many hours in prayer during the time she was in Rome. Below is the picture of the crucifix at St Paul outside the walls in front of which she spent many hours of recollection. There she drew strength and steadfastness in order to be able to fulfil that extraordinary charitable, missionary and social commitment which made her one of the most notable people of her day.
Contemplating the crucified Lord and in intimate union with his Passion, she was able, with prophetic determination, to complete the mission which Christ had entrusted to her for the good of the Church and society at that time.
In a difficult and complicated age of the history of the Church and of Europe, this disciple of the Lord never stopped working for the genuine progress of the unity of believers.
Today we remember this holy woman with a passion for Christian unity that sustained her entire life.
Saint Bridget’s love for the Church and her witness to the Cross are a model for us all.
May St Bridget be our example and intercessor.

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