Monday, 6 July 2009

Voices from Westminster Central Hall.

Archbishop Bob Duncan has just finished answering the questions made to him by the Bishop of Fulham. To the question of how Catholics and Evangelicals managed to move beyond their differences and work together, Archbishop Duncan replied that in 2003 he has seen a sovereign act of God in enabling these two branches to come together and bless each other. They blessed each other in the Episcopal civil war.
He also said that what helped was for the two branches to focus in mission, because if not people will focus on each other. He also pointed out movingly that it is a witness to take risks for the Gospel, this risk brought many people in.
I think that we need to remember that we need to bless even those who hate us, not only those who find themselves along us on some issues. Focusing on Mission we need to remember that like charity, mission begins at home. Fundamental issues about Sacramental Theology are about faithfulness to Jesus just as much as matters of sex and gender. But the song now about the captor and the captives is too loud for me to think.

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