Friday, 14 August 2009

Assumpta est Maria - gaudent angeli, alleluia!

The empty tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jerusalem

To all readers of this blog a very happy feast day! This most important feast of our Lady fills us with hope as she is the image of the Church yet to come and towards which we aspire. As a mother full of love and grace she paves the way for us, points the way itself and helps us as we journey on towards the Mount Zion our heavenly and real home.

The Vigil of the Assumption was spent here in the quiet and picturesque fishing village called Marsaxlokk.
The Marsaxlokk Vineyards
Tomorrow we hope to visit one of the many celebrations of the Assumption here and hope to update this blog accordingly. Needless to say in Malta this is a public holiday and feast of obligation. The Assumption of the BVM is the principal patron of the Island and it was on this day in 1942 when Operation Pedestal, known here as the convoy, entered the Grand Harbour bringing in the much needed food for the starving and besieged population.

In you have our fathers trusted - and you have heard them!

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