Thursday, 28 January 2010

After wife and son left for school, one at seven and one before eight; (daughter at home suffering from tonsillitis), final bits and pieces for the February Parish Magazine were posted to the ever patient editor. At the appropriate time I recited Office of Readings and Lauds using today the Proper of the Order of Preachers. Roger was in church helping with preparing for Collective Worship and lighting the shrine lamps, he ensures that all is in place for the celebration of Mass. Ann came to offer another hour in patiently and lovingly restoring some of our vestments (see photograph). Joan is working on a new frontal and David and Carole were on the way to Oxford with our processional banners for examination and hopefully restoration; it's all go!
Mass was well supported and the relic of the Angelic Doctor duly venerated. Jim took the Blessed Sacrament to one of our residential homes for the celebration of Holy Communion whilst I waited for the school to come for our weekly worship. Today we discussed the parable of the Good Samaritan, I am very impressed by the excellent behaviour of our pupils and their participation and the way in which the parables capture the attention of pupils and teachers alike. What a shame that so many kids are not being exposed to this wonderful teaching, stories that will put them up for life.
I was later told that on their way back to school the pupils were engaged in talking about the parable - thanks be to God.
After lunch and some correspondence it was time for a pastoral meeting, another visit to our school were I was greeted with the good news that a benefactor is sponsoring a substantial part of our new uniform, so some of it will be given gratis to all pupils.
Vespers and Rosary brought the day to an end.

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