Monday, 8 February 2010

General Synod and women bishops

Last night I was notified that the statement that has to be read today by the Bishop of Manchester in General Synod has been leaked on Ms Gledhill’s blog. This was also blogged on by Fr Ed. I read the statement several times over and though saddened as a wound has been torn open afresh I am not surprised.
I know deep down that whatever people say, the General Synod of the CofE has decided that for me and those like me who hold the Faith Catholic, there is no more room. This leaked statement is another sign on the corridor of madness clearly pointing the way out, they may be generous and give us a financial package, but out it is. No justice for us just some money, if that.
There are people who still put their trust in the synodical machine; they remind me of the urging from scripture: “put not your trust in princes…” and how those who do so are called by scripture: “fools”. What hurts me most is the cruel and evil tactics of liberals. A friend of mine concerned about the future of Anglo-Catholicism asked a very high member of the Church establishment about provisions for Anglo-Catholics, the reply came quickly: “Don’t worry it will be a long time before the bishop of Rochester is a woman”. Delay tactics, lies, false sense of security, take your pick. We are part of something bigger then the diocese of Rochester and what happens in other dioceses effects us (but arid scholars of the law might forget that we speak about the mystical body of Christ). When they said the same in 1992-4 at least there was the Act of Synod, now there is none. And how many times do we need to say that this is not a question of gender but one of obedience and submission to the sovereign will of Christ. It seems that there is nothing more enjoyable for a liberal but to twist the truth here and there and couch issues in sensible and measured language; turning the teachings of Christ in the philosophy of the world, the wine back into water, and those who follow Christ can not drink of that wine turned water, not now - never.
It would have been nice to be given such bad news, a pushing out of the ship without a lifejacket, in a dignified and respectful manner and in its proper channels, but this was not to be afforded us either as it was leaked for us to discover it on Ms Gledhill’s blog…how sad and what bad manners from the powers to be in the CofE to allow such thing to happen.
It is such a good thing to be called to prayer on the 22nd February; it is becoming a day of more significant dimensions. It is also good for me that I am leading a group of young people in prayer today it is a day when we need the trust that Jesus asked for as he calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee.
Talking about storms and ships, the people of Malta will celebrate the Shipwreck of St Paul on the Islands this Wednesday, this year is the 1950th anniversary of the event, hence the Pope’s visit in April. One considers how the result of that horrible event was a church with 2000 years of history and from all the churches founded by Paul the only one to remain. God was behind that storm, I am sure he is behind this one too. As St Paul was facing the danger of the storm he encouraged those around him to take heart and told them those wonderful words: “Do not be afraid”. We need to allow Jesus to speak those words to us in the stillness of our hearts even if and especially when the storm is raging. Paul declared his faith in God even when it looked very bleak indeed and as he praised God he urged all those on the ship to take food, we too should now more than ever take the food of prayer and wait for God to deliver us, in his time, to the safe harbour of his will.

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