Monday, 1 February 2010

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This blog has always clearly stated that there is a great injustice being carried out against those of us who are faithful and loyal to the teaching of the twelve apostles and who stand with the great churches of East and West.
From an unexpected source comes crystal clear confirmation of this, none other than the Anglican President Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East and Anglican Bishop of Egypt the Most Revd Mouneer H Anis. This Bishop has resigned from the standing committee of the Anglican Communion. You can read his letter here.
Quotes from the letter:

After much prayer and consideration, I hereby submit my resignation from the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion (SCAC). I have come to realize that my presence in the current SCAC has no value whatsoever and my voice is like a useless cry in the wilderness.

Many sing praises of “inclusiveness” while at the same time they exclude others. I am deeply disturbed in my conscience when I see a kind of double-standard in dealing with different issues. While emphasising the importance of caring for the marginalised in our communities, like the LGBT community, the orthodox Anglicans are being marginalized. I understand that in a family, the concern of every member is cared for; but this is not the reality in our meetings where the orthodox voices are disregarded or suppressed.

How many times do we need to say that enough is enough? Is this not another reason why a code of practice will not do?
Whispers have reached me that the powers to be are now in favour of considering compensation for those who will be forced out of the CofE. Let all know that justice is more important than money!
Can you not see how generous Pope Benedict has been with orthodox Anglicans?

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