Sunday, 2 May 2010

Easter V

We had multiple celebrations today at St John’s. Being the first Sunday of May all were eagerly waiting the May Queen Procession. A young girl is crowned as May Queen and together with her assistants she places flowers in front of the image of Our Lady of Greatness. The chosen girl reminds us of Mary and the necessity of purity and innocence as we follow in the footsteps of Christ.
However, this year’s May Queen had an extra job as she presented flowers to Ann. Ann and Matthew today celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and after the homily they renewed their wedding vows. Matthew is also celebrating a significant birthday and if that was not enough today they will become (or have become) great grandparents for the first time! Matthew and Ann invited us all to the hall for wine and nibbles and what a celebration it was.
The usual hospital visit made me reflect on the dedication of the staff at our small hospital. The love and the care that I always see and which I witnessed afresh this afternoon made me thank God for these inspiring and hard working people.
At 5pm some parishioners gathered round the Walsingham altar and recited the Rosary. There was a sense of peace and prayerfulness, a really great ending to a great day.
People enjoyed taking with them the May Parish Magazine which you can download here. The Parish Magazine has reached a circulation of over 300 and is given for free. Carol really works hard to produce a good Magazine and it is our hope that through the blog and website it is more accessible.

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