Saturday, 1 May 2010

'Tis Mary's month of May!

One of my favourite titles of Our Lady is Stella Maris. Maybe because I grew up on a small island surrounded by the sea or maybe because once I was caught up in a severe storm at sea, surrounded by thick darkness and an eternity of being tossed about over huge waves. Tired as we were I can never describe the huge relief we felt as we spotted the first star, it meant that the clouds were opening up and there was certain hope of calm and the prospect of a safe harbour.
Tossed about on the waves of turmoil both within and without the Church Mary is our star of hope. During this month of Our Lady let us fix our gaze on her as she leads us to Jesus, maybe along paths that are unknown and uncomfortable but in the knowledge that Mary is the "Cause of our Joy".
Blessed Mary we would like to make you known and loved.
We are inspired by the love of your pure heart.

We want to fashion our lives on your total offering to God.
Inspire our thoughts by your obedience so that we shall not commit sin.
Lead us in humility so that His will may be accomplished in us.
May our love and our faith be a living witness to the Gospel of your Son Jesus.
Pray for us, O Star of the Sea, 
so that with you we may share the joy of the Resurrection. Amen.
(Prayer composed by the Nuns of Carpineto RN, Italy)

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