Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Of bees

I thought that there was an unusual background noise during Morning Prayer today, I looked around but could not find a source. Anyway the day ahead was jam packed with events and there was no time to loose, I had already spent two hours putting together an order of service.
Walking towards the Clergy House I saw the workers who are doing some stone restoration for us. I stopped for a quick exchange and we decided to have a look at where the pulleys for the bell rope are situated. It was then that we realised that around the sacristy chimney was a huge swarm of bees making their way in it. So something completely new to deal with! Start from the Town Council which led me to the District Council which led me to a person “who deals with our bee issues”. I was amused about this, however nothing prepared me for: “your church is very lucky Father to have a swarm of bees, just let them be because my Father used to say that churches that removed bees were either burnt down or struck by lightning...”, I was wondering if that should be covered by faculty.
Mr Chaili came around as soon as he could and with his usual warm style and enthusiasm he made sure that the fireplace is properly sealed, both of us were not very amused by the thought of bees with vestments. Another bee “person” assured me that they will do no harm to the church building at all and that they would vacate their new home in a couple of days. He was pleased about the call as this was his first bee swarm for the year but there was no mention of the church being struck by lightning or destroyed by fire... I thought that such extraordinary measures where reserved as a follow up for the consecration of arch heretics such as in York Minster some years back...but if that were true there would not be many Anglican cathedrals standing especially in the US, but then there is no more Anglican Church in America except those who have been persecuted and made homeless. Who knows when this will be true this side of the pond? Not long I fear. But do I really fear?

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