Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ss Peter & Paul: the Pallium

The newly appointed Archbishop of Southwark (our local Roman Catholic bishop here in Sevenoaks) received the Pallium from Pope Benedict XVI today in S. Peter's. The pallium is given to all Metropolitans - which is why it can be seen on the arms of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a vestigal sign of happier times - and as Archbishop Peter Smith was formerly Archbishop of Cardiff, he has received it for the second time.

The pallium is a white band of material with small black crosses on it (except the Pope's which has red crosses) worn over the shoulders, like a yoke. The pallium is made from lamb's wool blessed, along with the lambs on the feast of S. Agnes.

For more information, I highly recommend Fr Gerard Skinner's short book, The Pallium, available from Family Publications. We wish Archbishop Smith well and assure him of our prayers on this important day for him and the life of the Church at large.

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