Saturday, 1 August 2009

The evening started with the translation of the relic of St Dominic. This liturgy takes its name from the Latin word Transitus and evokes the passing of the saint from this world to our city above. This liturgy is one of hope as it encourages us in our life journey to keep our eyes fixed on our destination – Jerusalem the Golden. The heavenly city is the one towards which the saint worked to arrive and encouraged those around him to arrive at also. So many years later, through this liturgy, St Dominic encouraged those who took part to focus on the happiness towards which all humanity strives, which can be found only in God.
Fr Paul, the Prior Provincial, went to an oratory from where the relic was taken solemnly to the Basilica and enthroned on the High Altar. For me this is one of the most moving moments of the whole feast.
After this liturgy we went to see the Grand harbour and enjoyed a meal next to it.

The afresco ceiling of St Dominic's, showing saints that followed in the footsteps of St Dominic

The statue of St Dominic
The West end of the Basilica
The relic of St Dominic enthroned on the High Altar

The Parish radio station transmitting live the services from church
The Grand Harbour
Supper next to the Grand Harbour

The Church of St Lawrence in Vittoriosa

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